R.I.P Dan Hosker
12/9/65 - 8/11/12
We will miss you forever...

On Saturday, May 19th Dan Hosker was hit by a car coming home from a gig on I-95.
For 84 days he fought for his life - but his injuries proved too great and on Saturday, August 11th he lost his battle.
Dan was a founding member of The Holy Terrors, and the true heart and soul of the band. He cannot - and will not - be replaced.
The Holy Terrors played their last show Saturday, May 12th 2012 at Churchill's Hideaway in Miami.

Saturday, Aug 21st 2010
For the first time in over 17 years, the ORIGINAL Terrors lineup took the stage at Churchill's, Miami!

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A brief history...

1990-1991: After disbanding their Boston quartet Inside Outburst, Rob Elba and Dan Hosker made the inexplicable decision to leave the countless clubs, supportive college radio stations, and a teeming Boston music scene to form a new band in sunny South Florida. Whatever made them think that the land of vacationing French-Canadians, retirees, and the $5.95 early bird special would be conductive to forming an original rock band is anybody's guess -- suffice it to say these guys weren't rocket scientists. But form a band they did. And with drummer Sam Fogarino and bass player Frank, they christened themselves The Holy Terrors and set out to conquer the Miami/Fort Lauderdale rock music scene, which took about two weeks. With local producer Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra, they recorded and released two singles, "Spirit/Shine/Stranger" and "Cigaretello/Bad Thing", as well as Live Six, a six-song cassette recorded live on Bob Slade's Off the Beaten Path radio show on WLRN (91.3-FM).

1991-1996: When Frank decided to quit the band and pursue a career of "not playing in a band anymore," Sam recruited friend William Trev, who performed with Sam in a Rat Bastard project called The Wahoos, to play bass. In 1993 the Terrors again entered the studio and began working on their first full-length release, Lolitaville, for local label Pound Records. Pound was a subsidiary of the successful South Florida bass label Neurodisc, and as its first "rock" release Lolitaville proved to be decidedly un-bootylicious for the rap label. An East Coast/Midwest tour followed, but by the time the Terrors returned, it was apparent that this was indeed a marriage made in hell. The band and label soon parted ways.

1996-1999: The Holy Terrors continued playing locally and regionally, often driving 10 hours or more just to get OUT of Florida and play support shows for touring bands who didn't realize there were actually people living south of Tallahassee (which, technically, there are). By 1996, drummer Sam had grown tired of the non-stop fun and left the band to follow a series of girlfriends up and down the East Coast, eventually settling in New York City and joining soon-to-be Matador recording artists Interpol. Fellow musician Mike Bocsusis of the band One took over drum duties, and the Terrors released their third single, "Four Questions/Janet From Another Planet". In 1998 the Terrors again entered the studio, this time with producer Jeremy Dubois, to begin recording another full-length album. With 5 songs in the can, guitarist and co-founding member Dan Hosker decided to take a break and tour with his other band, Harry Pussy.

2001-2012: Proving that you can't keep a good band down, and that there really isn't a whole hell of a lot to do in South Florida, The Holy Terrors, with Dan back in the fold, begin to play out again. Long-time fan Tom Berman of Purple Skunk Records approaches the band about releasing material, and after the requisite all-night pepsi-snorting-record-signing-in-blood session, an agreement is made. The long- lost Jeremy Dubois sessions are retrieved, various unreleased studio and live tracks are assembled, and the final result is the epic, career-spanning, appropriately titled, This is What it Sounds Like When You're Dead. Oh, and the early bird is now $6.95.00



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